Harry Potter Wax Seal Stamp Envelope Emblem H Letter Hogwarts Invitation Sealing - eBay But such negotiations typically required confidential communication among the governmental representatives who were party to the negotiations. Suitable for decorating wedding and party invitations, gift packages, envelopes, documents, scrapbooks, wine package, greeting cards and more. CONFIDENTIALITY: Avoid to opening furtively for important documents and some private information or personal correspondence and more. However, there had been a time in Europe when wax was all that was used to seal documents. The use of beeswax spread north into the rest of Europe. In fact, the Vatican had ordered that only beeswax candles could be burned during any Catholic religious services for that very reason. But the other reason that beeswax was commonly used for seals in the Middle Ages was that bees were believed to be blessed by God and therefore, both their honey and their wax were understood to be pure and untainted. It was for that reason that this special substance came by its name.

Raindrops on the window As the Middle Ages came to a close, relations between various powers was less often settled on the battlefield and more often negotiated by diplomacy. It must be understood that for most of the Middle Ages seals were used to verify the authenticity of documents, not to secure their contents. There are a few scholars who believe that the formula for what came to be known as “sealing wax” originated in the East, probably in India, possibly before the Middle Ages. And hey, even if you didn’t answer “yes” to my admittedly unexpected question (because let’s face it: It came a little out of left field), you might still be the type who gets a kick out of the idea of sealing a letter with a wax poop emoji. And who would want to? As the wax gets hot, it will drip onto the paper, so position it where you want the wax to fall. It will be more fluid.

It was actually more important to make it clear that official documents were authentic when they were issued. The Church also issued a number of official documents during this time, all of which had wax seals attached. Very few people could read, so the risk to the infrequent number letters and other correspondence in circulation was quite low. During the Regency, the substance used to seal letters and other documents was seldom made with any wax at all. Because all documents which had been sealed in the majority of the countries of Europe prior to this time had been sealed with wax, often beeswax, this new compound was identified as “wax,” despite the fact that it contained no wax of any kind. Regardless of its true origins, in France this new sealing compound was known as cire d’Espagne, while in Italy is was called cera di Spagna, thus “Spanish wax,” in both countries.

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