Our regular business envelopes are a great option to make everyday mail quick and easy. Snail mail is a wonderful thing; it’s the easiest and most efficient way to keep in touch with friends and show them that you care. Wax seals, beginning in the Middle Ages, old letter wax seal were first used as a way to mark ownership of certain documents or whatever they were attached to. Robert Mark Kamen, who wrote the movie’s screenplay based on his semi-autobiographical story, is penning the dialogue for the upcoming show, with Drew Gasparini (Smash) on music and lyrics. Who said envelopes can’t be cute? Traditionally, wax seals were used to seal envelopes before the days of self-adhesive and glue. For this aqua seal, I used 3 bits of aqua wax and it produced these lovely circular edges. Three wax melts will create the circular edge. I added the image/seal to the envelope that also included a strip of pattern paper on the flap’s edge.

I wanted to make my envelope a little more fun, plus I wanted to play a little more with my Sealed With Love Wax Kit Bundle. Or make your own melted wax paintings on canvas. Repair dents or scratches on wooden furniture by rubbing an old wax melt or candle until the indentation is filled in. You can also use your heat gun to melt the wax in the spoon, too. Take the two parts, knead them until you have created a third color and can’t see either of the original colors, and then put the putty to use. There is so much wrapped up with the idea that Matthew will see his father again some 70 years after he last saw him, ravaged by Nazis and close to death. A lawsuit brought late last year by a fired Angels clubhouse employee alleged that the Yankees’ Gerrit Cole, wax seal set the Nationals’ Max Scherzer and the Astros’ Justin Verlander were among the users of one such substance. No one would be the wiser. Moving against one another; anti-friction measures can only do so much.

You can also find me on Instagram as @BobbiHartDesign. You can shop the entire Honey Bee Stamps Sealed With Love release here. I formed this seal on my splat mat and then glued it onto this cute little envelope image made from the Sealed With Love stamp set and coordinating die set. Vector 3d Realistic Vintage Retro Stamp Wax Seal Icon Set Closeup Isolated on Transparent Background. Then removed it from the wax. If you’re creating lots of wax seals at once, then the metal stamp can heat up which can lead to it sticking to the wax. The ‘announcer’ then goes on to pay tributes to fellow colleagues, while blasting an ex-manager whose name ‘will never be remembered’. ’ – and so, like his fellow officers, he never questioned this deplorable task. Draw the design you would like for your insignia, or print one from your computer. I marbled the two together – one pink.

man performing bike stand I also wanted to try out the red and pink. To create the pink wax rosebud, I melted two pink wax melts from the Honeycomb Wax Melts – Hugs & Kisses in my Wax Melting Spoon over a tealight candle. I added some faux black stitching on some of the strips and finally attached a few gem stickers from the Hugs and Kisses coordinating gem stickers package. A montage of clips depict the thoughtfulness that goes into the hobby – from the detailed letter with precise penmanship (adorned calligraphy and doodles) to the addition of pressed flowers, stickers and trinkets. Everything was glued in place, over the O letter with Bee Creative Precision Glue. Waterproof and protect papers by rubbing wax over the surface. Wireless charging is slowly taking over from its corded counterpart. Use old wax to decorate glass jars. Use your wax seal to press down. When you are ready to use them, wax letter seal kit simply glue them on the envelope. Most people did this either by folding a separate piece of paper or by writing on the front of the paper and leaving the back blank to fold into an envelope.